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In 2020, doctors are faced with the pressure to always be right, a demanding feat in the best of circumstances. Add to that the low doctor-patient ratios, growing knowledge burden and mounting duress that the current pandemic has put on primary healthcare workers.

General physicians are the first line of defence in tackling a range of health conditions for the community. Private practices are also deeply affected by the changing digital health landscape. Can we build patient trust while easing the burden on doctors?

5MinuteConsult helps you rise above these challenges. Achieve clinical certainty about your decisions, validate facts on the go and get it right every time, no matter where you are.

Get it right anywhere, any time

Use evidence-based diagnosis algorithms, test protocols, drug interactions and procedures for more than 2000+ diseases—everything you need to be the best.

Improved outcomes for patients and practice

Ensure positive outcomes for patients and improve business outcomes for your practice. Plus, the tools to educate and reassure today’s connected patients.

Answers you can trust when you need them

Verify facts and confirm diagnosis and treatment with confidence anywhere, any time. The books you have trusted for over 30 years just got an upgrade.

Clinical validation from global experts

Stay ahead with continually updated information on over 2,000 diseases and conditions developed by doctors from around the globe.

This is a ready reckoner for Indian general physicians. In a concise manner, it gives you the latest, evidence-based information for treating patients.
Dr Sangeeta Sharma
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