Improve outcomes for your patients and practice

5MinuteConsult, with the latest information on 2000+ diseases and conditions, helps general physicians find all the information they need in one place. Get clinical validation on the go and deliver the best health outcomes to every patient.

Built for the General Physician

  • Continuously updated resources – Stay up to date with the latest in standard operating procedures and treatment protocols
  • Evidence based information – Get information you can trust from medical experts who specialize in their fields
  • Actual images and videos – Refer to images of real cases to check against recognisable signs that help you take a call
  • Patient communication handouts – Share disease information, self-examination procedures and self-management plans with patients
  • Customized disease database for India – Use the collective wisdom of Indian experts and a disease database culturally curated for you
The confidence to diagnose—right at your fingertips!

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Navigate via mobile

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200+ diagnostic and treatment algorithms

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2000+ diseases and conditions

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A to Z drug database

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Customized by Indian doctors

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