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Wolters Kluwer helps visually-minded nursing students get ahead with Picmonic visual mnemonics

Lippincott CoursePoint+ delivers proven visual learning tools for the social media generation 

For today’s nursing students who turn to visual social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest, a picture-based approach to nursing education can help organically reinforce challenging topics they’re studying with 331% more retention and 50% higher scores. To support visual learners in nursing school, Wolters Kluwer, Health is expanding its exclusive collaboration with Picmonic for Nursing Education. Now, nursing students can access Picmonic’s visual mnemonic lessons directly within Lippincott® CoursePoint+, Wolters Kluwer’s leading integrated digital course solution for nursing education. 

“We live in an increasingly visual world and we’re committed to providing more personalized, adaptive technology tools like Picmonic that are attuned to today’s students, helping them better prepare for practice by building up both their competency and their confidence,” said Julie Stegman, Vice President, Nursing Segment of Health Learning, Research & Practice, Wolters Kluwer. “Picmonic’s scientifically proven visual learning resources are seamlessly integrated in Lippincott CoursePoint+ to support students who are more visual learners and improve their knowledge and retention of concepts through engaging picture-focused lesson formats.”

Since 2018, nursing students have played more than 1 million Picmonic video lessons and have answered more than 9 million Picmonic quiz questions in Lippincott CoursePoint+. Integrated in Lippincott CoursePoint+, Picmonic video-quiz lessons feature visual mnemonic “flashcards,” videos and low-stakes recall quizzes that help students retain hard-to-remember and frequently tested facts by connecting topics to unique characters and memorable stories. 

Now, with the expanded collaboration, Lippincott CoursePoint+ users can access over 200 Picmonic lessons (out of Picmonic’s library of 1,200+) throughout their curriculum in course areas like Nursing Fundamentals, Medical-Surgical, Maternity and Pediatrics, Pharmacology, Health Assessment, Pathophysiology, Mental Health Nursing and Gerontology. Students can optionally add more Picmonic lessons relevant to their studies and access them within Lippincott CoursePoint+.

“Nursing school can be stressful enough. Picmonic lessons set up students for success with improved comprehension, exam performance and retention,” said Ron Robertson, CEO of Picmonic. “We are excited to offer more of our proven visual mnemonic learning to the next generation of nurses using Lippincott CoursePoint+.” 

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