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Produced in partnership with GenerationCFO, our Compass Report 2022 makes essential reading for finance executives across the Manufacturing sector. Based on research with over 100 finance leaders in global manufacturing businesses with significant UK&I operations, you’ll discover the current status, direction and ambition of The Office of Finance in UK&I Manufacturing.

Produced in partnership with GenerationCFO, discover expert insight into how world class finance teams in Manufacturing are performing in four critical areas: Agility, Resilience, Culture/Skills and Technology Adoption. With advice on the opportunities and pitfalls in each area - as well as highlighting the direction and speed of change in a global market - the Compass Report makes for illuminating reading.

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Optimize your supply chain and control costs with CCH Tagetik for Manufacturing

Generate insights across the entire supply chain. CCH Tagetik for Manufacturing enables you to optimize production, generate greater profits, and address shifting customer demands. By unifying finance and operations, our solution integrates the planning process company-wide so that changes to one plan ripple across to all others. What’s more, you’ll instantly see the impact of those changes on your P&L.

Master the balance of quality, costs and customer needs. With detailed driver-based planning and a high-powered data hub, CCH Tagetik provides the granular insight you need to control your supply chain, optimize costs, produce quality products, and ensure customer satisfaction. Accelerate the financial close, increase resiliency in your supply chain and drive growth with CCH Tagetik for Manufacturing.
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Wolters Kluwer (AEX: WKL) enables finance, legal, tax, and healthcare professionals to be more effective and efficient. We provide information, software, and services that deliver vital insights, intelligent tools, and the guidance of subject-matter experts. We understand the complex challenges that face the Office of the CFO and translate that knowledge into intuitive, enterprise-scale CCH Tagetik performance management software solutions that drive business results. With over 180 years’ experience in the markets we serve, Wolters Kluwer is lifting the standard in software, knowledge, tools and education. 
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