The full potential of Tagetik and Machine Learning unleashed by verovis’ T/4 Analytics!

The T/4 Analytics from verovis enables the acceleration of processes like planning & forecasting as well as reducing manual, time-consuming tasks by creating an interface between CCH Tagetik and the Azure machine learning services. 

Automate your transfer between CCH Tagetik and Azure, make use of FWS and AWS data as well as external data and directly transfer your forecast results back to Tagetik for further use or report prediction results directly.

The solution includes the provision of a pre-configured integration between CCH Tagetik and Microsoft's Azure landscape, by using the azure data factory, Azure storage and Microsoft's Azure Machine Learning Environment.

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3 reasons why T/4 Analytics from verovis lets you focus on business

T/4 Analytics Solution by verovis

The full potential of both worlds, CCH Tagetik and Microsoft's Azure Machine Learning landscape, is unleashed by T/4 Analytics.

  • Out-of-the-box deployment
  • 1-Click-Solution
  • Increased efficiency through automated processes
  • Accurate forecast using Azure Machine Learning
  • Leverage your ML know how using Notebooks
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T/4 Analytics Architecture

Although we link different system landscapes via APIs, T/4 Analytics is a 1-click-solution, which enables the end-user to start the complete workflow from within Tagetik.

  • Automated data transfer to the Azure service
  • Automated writeback from AML results to CCH TGK
  • Extend forecasting capabilities with Azure ML 
  • Scalable cloud solution that adapts to your needs
  • Trigger pipelines from within CCH Tagetik
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