Get a transparent audit and maintain dimension elements with the Finext Master Data Approval App

Master data is the foundation for all performance management, financial processes, and public disclosures. As such, its control and management are critical to get right, especially as data volumes grow.

Our automated application enables you to manage, track, and control your master data. Since master data errors carry a catastrophic domino effect, the app automatically ensures every change is approved by another set of eyes. Often, maintenance tasks are too big for one admin. Our app gives you the power to segregate duties for adding master data across accounts, entities, and custom dimensions. Finally, the app enables you to meet IT auditors’ requirements for transparency with the click of a button through instant audit reports.

Big data is only getting bigger. Get the Finext Master Data Approval App to make big data management feel small.

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The Master Data Approval App improves your CCH Tagetik application

Control master data from the start

Integrate master data management into your existing processes, including the financial close, budgeting, planning, and forecasting.

  • Ensure transparency and control when adding master data
  • Automate the four-eyes principle when applying changes
  • Log metadata changes in an automatic audit report
  • Provide user-friendly interface for metadata requests, like cost centers
  • Be compliant with Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) requirements
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Improve transparency with an automatic audit trail

Avoid mistakes. Control additions and changes to master data. Track who requests new metadata and who approved the database elements.

  • Add master data using a user-friendly interface
  • Create a structure for adding master data
  • Get automatically notified when master data is ready for approval
  • Gain more insight into your master data
  • Implement and setup the app in CCH Tagetik quickly
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