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Wolters Kluwer to share legal tech expertise at European Company Lawyers Association (ECLA) conference

Ralph Vonderstein, Head of Wolters Kluwer’s Legal Software business in Germany, will speak on the topic of ‘Transforming your legal department into a hub of innovation and excellence for the entire enterprise’ at The 2019 ECLA Annual Conference on Thursday, May 23 at 15:45 PM. Vonderstein will be joined on stage by Mareike Petrowitsch (LL.M. San Diego), General Counsel, Lesson Nine GmbH ( is a customer of Wolters Kluwer’s Legisway Essentials solution.

“In today’s business environment, the CLD is increasingly expected to run and perform as other business units,“ said Vonderstein. “Operations and efficiency management are now a top priority and the CLD must be clearly seen to be adding value and collaborating with colleagues to support their needs and corporate business objectives. Technology provides efficiency, security, process improvement and empowerment and can enable the CLD to transform from a service center to a center of excellence thereby improving overall business performance, eliminating unnecessary costs and fines, and accelerating cash flow.”

Wolters Kluwer is a leader in developing highly innovative and practical workflow tools for corporate legal departments. Our Legisway portfolio, demonstrated at our booth at The 2019 ECLA Annual Conference combines legal and software expertise to bring real-world intelligence to leading-edge technology solutions. Our all-in-one solutions empower legal professionals to boost efficiency and increase collaboration across the business, transforming the CLD into a catalyst for business progress, and preparing it for the challenges of tomorrow, today. To learn more about our portfolio, visit our website.

The 2019 ECLA Annual Conference will be held at Steigenberger Wiltcher’s in Brussels, Belgium from May 22-24.

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