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Tax & Accounting26 April, 2023

Webinar: Finsit: Smarter, simpler reporting for accountants

A client's time is a precious resource. The more efficiently and clearly that accountancy practices like yours can display insights in presentations, the better-informed clients will be. Producing slick, smart reports and forecasts is simple with finsit.

Informed with your own customised KPIs, the product delivers a stylish, straightforward 360-view of the business. Finsit also makes it easy to track client engagement, so you have a clear idea of what each client is most focused on.

Watch this webinar with Phil Hobden, Ben Cunliffe and Andrew Spink to find out how to make complex information simple with finsit: out-of-the-box business intelligence.

During the webinar, we'll show how you can use finsit to:

  • Create multi-dimensional reports
  • Customise and compare KPIs
  • Track business activity of clients with ease
  • Create 360-degree view with forecasting

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