Finance05 October, 2020

2 min Demo: Tracking Everything with Audit Trails

Finance users need to know where their data is coming from. Watch this video to see how CCH Tagetik keeps a complete detailed audit trail, and how easy it is to navigate.
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From the moment a user logs into the application to the moment they log out, everything in CCH Tagetik is tracked within the system's auditing capabilities.

For example, let's look at this operating expense data entry report. As an end-user, I can log into the application and begin my data entry.

Upon saving, the system creates its record on the audit tables.

If I'd like to see an audit of any value, I can simply drill into that cell to see exactly where that data came from.

If, for example, it came from an allocation or consolidation, the origin would say who changed it and the date and time they changed it. Furthermore, CCH Tagetik auditing has a setting where we can track changes incrementally. When it comes to system activities performed within CCH Tagetik, again, absolutely everything is tracked within the audit tables.

Let's say I'd like to see what processes have been run.

Here, I have an example of our audit tables filtered specifically on data processing activities.

It shows me all details relating to each activity.

The experience is consistent across all audits within CCH Tagetik. And, of course, I can drill into the record to get more information. We can filter our audit view using several options to narrow down what we're looking for. For example, we can filter by a specific user or a date. And finally, CCH Tagetik tracks all metadata changes in the same way. Here, I have changed the names of cost centers.

All of these changes have been tracked on our audit tables. We see the user, the date and time stamp of the change, the field that changed, and most importantly, the old value and the new value. As always, I can export any of these reports to view offline. CCH Tagetik provides full auditing of everything that happens within the system.
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