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The modern legal department: Succeeding with legal technology

For the very first time, Wolters Kluwer, Kalexius and Day One partnered for an event to discuss legal technology and new approaches to drive business success. “The Modern Legal Department: Succeeding with Legal Technology” took place on the 14th of March at Hotel Metropole in Geneva and was attended by in-house counsel who shared their opinions and questions during a two-hour interactive panel debate.

The speakers, Harm Bavinck – Business Development, Wolters Kluwer – Legal Software, Nicolas Leroux – Managing Director, Kalexius and Olivier Chaduteau – Managing Partner, Day One led the discussion with presentations on streamlining your legal department, choosing appropriate legal tools to improve efficiency, and leveraging technology through outsourcing.

In his presentation, Olivier Chaduteau highlighted the need to “work differently by defining your digital roadmap” through collaborative human interactions, segmentation of legal services and investments in change management. Following the event, he said, “All GCs in the audience were keen to know more about the digital transformation and how it could impact their legal department positioning and day-to-day work”.

Reflecting on the debate, Harm Bavinck concluded that the need to sell to legal and convince both procurement and IT makes it easier to offer a service that uses technology than offering technology as a product. His advice for developing a modern, technology-based strategy for your legal department is always “Think big but start small”.

Overall, the event was a success, with a high level of engagement among speakers and guests including in-house lawyers from both local companies and the EMEA headquarters of multinationals based in the Geneva area. During the networking session, they had the opportunity to connect and discuss matters of interest to them in greater detail. “Discussions centered on new technologies and how to leverage managed legal services (“NewLaw”) delivery models to deploy them effectively in large organisations”, Nicolas Leroux said following the event.

The interaction with the audience was fruitful and reached valuable conclusions. The positive feedback should encourage future partnerships and events to discuss the challenges faced by general counsel and the latest advancements in the corporate legal sector.

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