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Tax & Accounting16 July, 2015

Looks do matter

On our last entry “Where can I find…“, we took you with us on our journey towards a new User Interface (UI) and a clean look and feel of Basecone.

On it, we emphasised our urge to move to a new User Interface, but we know the future should be familiar. So we want to make sure you can have a better Basecone navigation experience, while still finding your way around. We want you to find what you’re looking for, instead of clicking endlessly for that specific page.

“Should I fight with the lion or run?”

Our motivation on why looks matter

If you look at the human brain, it can be split into three main parts. Starting with the most basic part of the brain: The ‘Basal Ganglia / Reptilian Brain’. Our survival behaviours and quick decision-making are controlled from here. Should I fight with the lion or run? This is the part of the brain making the choice.

looks do matter

The second part of the brain is the ‘Limbic System’ used for emotions which helps us associate behaviours and memories with positive and negative experiences. Looking at an well known experiment from a Russian physiologist Ivan Pavlov in 1902, where he rang a bell each time he started feeding the dogs, the dogs started to associate the bell with the positive feeling associated with eating without a need for the food to be present.

“A good user interface can lead into a positive experience”

To associate emotion with memory is something we do daily, a good user interface can lead into a positive experience. Leading to good emotions and happy to work with our application. Of course, this could also lead to a negative experience when the application gets frustrated and disappointed. Great usability and a good looking interface are a key to a better work environment.

The last part, and most developed part of the human brain, is the ‘Neocortex’. A part which is also used for the memory and learning processes. Displaying information inside our application, let users search for a specific invoice is all speaking to the thinking ‘Neocortex’ part of the brain.

So looks do matter in a way we associate our feelings to a product or application. It can never be the most important part as a user experience is a lot more then just this. But why do not take this time and make it look better and therefore make it work more efficient.

Basecone has introduced a so called ‘User Style Guide’ which is fully integrated in our application. This way we were able to streamline the Icons used in the application, standardise notifications and the way screen looks in general.

In one of the next releases of the Basecone Application you find some new improvements on the UI, next to improvements on features and new items/features of course. All changes are in line with the basis of ‘Looking good’, but we take things one step at a time, realising that Looks do matter…

looks do matter

Next up is the improve vs approve… we will take you with us on the journey of improving and extending the workflow (authorisation) in Basecone. High demand, the pressure is on…

Basecone is all about teamwork. Building and maintaining fantastic and good software together every day for a large group of users.

Our team members share their knowledge and expertise through the Basecone Blog.
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