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Legal13 November, 2015

How effective meeting management helps organizations

Traditional meetings involve stacks of paper, which usually just get thrown out or left on the table afterwards. However, companies are increasingly turning to paperless board meetings. Not only does it amount to savings in paper but storing meeting notes and important documents in a web-based platform offers increased security. No company wants to deal with the aftermath of having confidential meeting notes being made public. The Meeting Management module from Legisway offers executives a way to maximize the preparation, execution of follow-up of all their meetings. Some of the advantages the Meeting Management brings to organizations are:

Setting a clear agenda:

The process of creating an agenda is simplified with the ability to sign updates or tasks to the relevant participants. If you don’t want to create a new agenda every single time, you can make use of the templates, and just adjust the items you need without printing out a new version. 

Efficient note-taking:

Taking notes continuously in a long meeting can be exhausting (not to mention the hand cramps!) and often end up getting lost after the meeting is concluded. On the other hand, taking notes and adding annotations to a PDF in the free Boardroom app is incredibly comfortable, and you don’t have to worry about shuffling through thirty pages of notes. 

Easy document management:

Depending on the agenda, some board packs can be almost as thick as a book. If this is the case, you are more likely to leave it at the office, or not even review it at all. All documents can be uploaded to the Boardroom app, so you can read them on your tablet at a time that suits you. If you need to look up an agenda point from a previous meeting, you can use the extensive search capabilities in the archive.

Control of confidential information:

A paper document containing meeting notes can be easily misplaced, putting your company at huge risk if confidential information gets released to the public. Since Legisway is web-based, all information is stored online in a highly secure environment. It is possible to restrict access to confidential information at the document level, so only the involved parties are informed.

Increased collaboration:

In an annual survey by Salary.com, more than 750 workers in the United States reported that meetings were the second-biggest time waster at work. Keep meetings as short as possible by increasing collaboration. When everyone is involved in a meeting, solutions can be reached faster. The Meeting Management module provides a variety of tools for boosting collaboration such as sharing documents, an alert notification system, and workflow creation for following up on decisions. 


The Meeting Management module from Legisway allows boards to streamline the process of preparing, executing, and following up, while saving time and printing costs. When all related documents are stored in a single location, information can be retrieved and shared much more easily. The collaboration tools help to leverage participation and provide feedback in ways that provides considerable advantages over traditional boards relying solely on meetings.

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