Finance05 July, 2019

CCH Tagetik helps Galileo Global Education manage their growing acquisitive business on the Cloud.

Discover how Galileo Global Education simplified their entities' complex consolidations with CCH Tagetik for management, statutory and narrative reporting benefiting from the simplicity of the cloud..
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The business landscape at Galileo Global Education is that we are a private equity backed company, we are a group that owns many different schools and we are growing at a fast pace.

What drove our team to decide to invest in a tool like CCH Tagetik is actually the need to mitigate the risk of not having such a system,so having massive Excel spreadsheets to manage a group-wide consolidation was becoming very heavy and very risky.We own 80 different business units that are all different schools and every month they needed to produce an Excel reporting that would be sent to the groupand actually it was 1% full time job to consolidate those reports into the group consolidated financial statements.

Right now we use CCH Tagetik for the consolidation module, we do our budget in the tool as well and we are in the implementation of IFRS 16 module and soon we'll start to use the planning module as well.

We chose CCH Tagetik on the cloud to make it easy to maintain, so that when there are new releases they would automatically be deployed and we could start benefiting from the newest functions.So CCH Tagetik changed a lot of the ways that our team is working in an Excel world, you can do pretty much what you want but having a system with a defined workflowcan give us the assurance that our teams are really following the appropriate steps that they have to and that, at the end of the day, the data that we find in our reports is accurate as well.What surprised us is actually how easy it was for the users to adopt the tool because of the new HTML5 interface.Yes, I would definitely recommend CCH Tagetik for any company who has the ambition to modernize their Finance officeespecially when it comes to consolidation and budgeting & planning.

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