Finance15 October, 2020

The future of automation in the Finance function

FSN’s global survey 2020

Automation is an essential step in the evolution of the modern finance function. Unfortunately, the COVID crisis has exposed the gaping holes in finance’s core capabilities caused by insufficient automation. Manual tasks, inefficient processes and a lack of data insight are holding back finance functions and preventing them competing effectively in a tumultuous market that has been upended by the COVID disruption.

As FSN zooms in on the benefits of automation and the perils experienced by those organizations that have yet to attain it, we’ll chime in with how our end-to-end solution creates a culture of automation that will guide your organization through the worst of the pandemic’s storm — and all rough waters to come.

What you’ll learn:

  • How automation can make the difference in the face of market disruption and economic shock
  • Why it is paramount to bridge the gap with a culture of automation (especially during a pandemic)
  • How automation can help you accelerate your decision making
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