Health24 January, 2024

Frost Radar report affirms healthcare providers can benefit from generative AI and clinical decision support innovation

Note: Following this announcement, the names of Lexicomp and Emmi changed to join the UpToDate brand. Learn more about this change.

Care teams in health systems have to manage more patient information and data than ever. As a result, they’re always on the lookout for tools that simplify decision-making as a healthcare professional. 

With that in mind, we are proud to share that Frost & Sullivan has recognized Wolters Kluwer as a top two leader in their recent Frost RadarTM on clinical decision support systems (CDSS). In addition to UpToDate®, Wolters Kluwer Health offers several clinical solutions including Lexicomp® drug reference, Emmi® patient engagement, and the Medi-Span® embedded drug data solutions.

Why leading professionals trust the Frost Radar

Frost & Sullivan performs extensive market research and analysis across various industries. Its Frost Radar is a robust, analytical tool that evaluates companies’ focus on innovation and growth.

Frost Radar’s Growth and Innovation scores can be a valuable benchmark for comparing CDSS vendors. The ranking shines a light on which organizations have already provided effective resources. They also indicate which businesses are in a position to continue providing leading solutions as technology evolves.

Why Wolters Kluwer ranks high in innovation

Frost & Sullivan highlighted Wolters Kluwer’s efforts to implement emerging technologies. Of particular interest is the use of generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) to make applications more intuitive for end users.

At the same time, Frost Radar praised Wolters Kluwer’s efforts to address the inherent concerns regarding security and privacy with AI through the launch of AI Labs. This collaborative resource allows healthcare leaders and developers to test early use cases before launch, ensuring the practicality and safety of such applications.

The growing need for advanced clinical decision support systems

It’s more important than ever for healthcare professionals to accurately assess data to make quick and confident decisions. However, the overwhelming amount of information that teams must process makes doing so a challenge.

Fortunately, Wolters Kluwer Health provides practical clinical decision support systems. 

To learn more why Frost & Sullivan recognizes Wolters Kluwer as an 'Innovator & Growth Leader' in Clinical Decision Support Systems, download the full report now. 

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