Equipping your legal department for the next cyber-attack
Legal15 May, 2017

Equipping your legal department for the next cyber-attack

As many of us returned to work today we read news of the latest global ransomware attack that has impacted computers around the world. (Latest numbers estimate as many as 200,000 companies effected in over 150 countries, and growing!)

According to experts, it appears that the malicious software entered companies when employees clicked on email attachments, then spreads quickly as employees share documents. Cyber-attacks like these highlight once again how vulnerable and ill-equipped many organizations are at implementing secure file sharing, collaboration and storage habits.

In the digital age, we are exchanging documents with colleagues on a daily basis, but using email,  hard-drives and commercial-grade cloud-software can pose inherent security risks.

How can you better equip your legal department for the next cyber-attack? One of the best ways is for legal departments work together with IT to invest in technology that empowers  workers to manage sensitive legal information – like contracts, claims, IP registration and more – without compromising on data security.

Here are just a few things to look for in secure, cloud-based legal information management software:

  • Secure hosting: Look for software that provides enterprise-class security and data management services. At Legisway, we’re committed to keeping your confidential information as safe as possible. All customer data is stored in individual, dedicated databases in the cloud on NTT top tier data centres in Frankfurt.
  • Account security: Top solutions have multiple levels of account protection including unique user ID and password, password change history and recovery, and automatic log off for inactive users. With Legisway Essentials, we also provide the following advance settings to further ensure your account safety.
    • Strong password enforcement
    • Automatic password expiration
    • Login activity audit and review capabilities
    • Login failure notification
  • Data encryption: Encryption ensures that even if your data falls into the wrong hands it would be made useless. At Legisway, we store all passwords in an encrypted format, and encrypt all data when transmitted over public networks, using 256 bit SSL security and official certificates. As a further measure, we use document encryption and  generate unique keys for each customer, making multiple account hacking almost impossible. Also, best in class software will ensure to address data security at every stage of the data lifecycle, from acquisition until ultimately destroyed.
  • Full access control and audit logs: In order to stay in control of who can access what, look for a solution that let’s you set up permission levels based on different departments or individual users. Furthermore, opt for software that includes user activity tracking so you have a complete history of who read, edited or downloaded information at a moment’s notice.
  • Redundancy and backup: Choose a solution with true real-time redundancy and live data synchronization – meaning that redundant files every application and database server has an active fail-over unit ready to take over in the event of a disaster. Reinforcing this real-time fail-safe, on a nightly basis, customer databases are backed up in full from the active fail-over server, ensuring backup processes do not disrupt. Furthermore, when back-ups are sent to another secure location, you can breathe easy knowing that even in the event of natural disaster, your data is secure.

Are you ready to put security at the forefront of your legal technology investment?

Legisway is designed with multiple layers of protection, including secure data transfer, encryption, network configuration and application-level controls distributed across a scalable, secure infrastructure. Behind the scenes is a secure, sophisticated infrastructure to protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your legal files when they’re being transferred, stored and processed.

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