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2 Min Demo: Row & Column Structures

CCH Tagetik gives you the ability to create, instantaneously, hundreds of alternative reporting views by combining different sets of predefined, yet dynamic row or column structures right on the fly.
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CCH Tagetik gives you the ability to instantaneously create hundreds of alternative reporting views by combining different sets of predefined, dynamic rows or column structures — on the fly.

Let's take a quick look.

Directly from your homepage, it’s possible to access any kind of stain report, either on the web front-end of CCH Tagetik or on the Excel front-end.

For this example, we’ll take a look at a very simple P&L with different datasets in the columns and a monthly view. Let's say that, right now, we want to change your column structure.

All I have to do is click on the filters panel.

Here, I have the ability to choose my row set and also my column structure from multiple different views available in the solution.

Let's say I want to stick to my income statement-view but take a quarterly-view instead of a monthly-view. By selecting filters, I’m now presented with the same row structure with a different column structure.

In a very similar fashion, I can simply navigate my row to completely change my view.

I can go from an income statement view to an employee expense breakout view where, instead of showing quarterly data, the columns actually show an annual departmental view.

By clicking and choosing my row structure, I am now accessing a completely different report off of the same template.

The same side of functionalities is also available on the Excel front end.

In fact, at any point in time, users can navigate the report gallery and access the same template and start navigating different row structures. For instance, in this case, I want to access my balance sheet on the rows and take a different column view, which is more of a consolidated breakout of all the entities that pertain to my consolidation.

By setting and selecting the right column and row structures, the system is now creating a brand new report, which, in this case, is showing my consolidated statements.

At any point in time, I have the ability to access my filters, even on the Excel front-end.

I can change my view to access a completely different reporting structure based on rows and columns that can be mixed and matched to create a brand-new report view.
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