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Legal20 April, 2020

Case study: How CitizenM improved productivity in Legal and across the entire organisation

Many General Counsels find themselves inundated with administrative tasks, thereby taking them away from assuming a more proactive role in the business.

All too familiar with this predicament, Hein Bijl – General Counsel of CitizenM – was glad to see the back of spreadsheets and manual processes when the company adopted a smart legal repository for managing all their legal information.

As a global chain of boutique hotels with a global footprint, CitizenM has multiple entities across multiple jurisdictions, making the amount of legal work to manage impossible without an efficient process. Here’s how they are making the most Legisway and haven’t looked back.

Less time on admin = increased productivity

Since Hein has implemented Legisway to manage CitizenM contractscorporatecompliancecases and other legal information, the positive impact has been even more wide-reaching than expected, with advantages being felt throughout the organisation.

Take contract management for a start. Hein recalls how his secretary used to spend hours scanning signed agreements into their system and then even more hours trying to find them on the server.  Now with Legisway, all his contract information is at his fingertips, and since Legisway integrates with e-signature tools like DocuSign, the legal secretary no longer has to waste time scanning documents.

Not only can he retrieve documents faster than he used to, but he also has the peace of mind that all documents are stored in one place rather than on someone’s desktop. What’s more, Hein can grant his colleagues access to contract information, freeing up his time and helping them more efficiently perform their respective tasks.

Greater corporate visibility

As General Counsel of CitizenM, Hein has turned his information burden into an asset noting that before Legisway, they were unable to effectively keep track of their corporate structure.

And, since everything is cross-referenced in a central repository, Hein can run accurate reports and generate visual organisation charts or maps to share corporate information. “Before Legisway, we were unable to effectively keep track of our corporate structure. Now we have Legisway, we have on-tap insight into the business and how it’s structured. That was a step-change for the whole organization. I can’t imagine a legal life now without Legisway.”

Thanks to 
Legisway, Hein has been able to streamline admin and provide better insight to the business. Not only has it improved the productivity of Legal, but it that of the entire organisation.

Learn how Legisway can help you organise your legal information, standardise processes, collaborate with the business and deliver fast results. And, if you find yourself facing the same challenges as Hein once did, why don’t you schedule a free demo to see how Legisway can work for you?

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