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Budgeting & Planning Demo

PLAN SMARTER. MANAGE BETTER. ACT FASTER. Get the next evolution of Planning with CCH Tagetik Budgeting and Planning Software. Connect finance and operations. Plan more often and in more depth, to expand your insight, anticipate change and better predict the future.
Budgeting and Planning Demo
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Plan smarter, manage better, act faster.

CCH Tagetik Budgeting and Planning allows you to enter the next evolution in planning and drive change by aligning and connecting all your plans, data and processes in a single solution.

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Through your personalized homepage you're one click away from everything you need.

You'll get an optimized touch experience through our intuitive web interface with easy access from any mobile device and with our alternative Excel front-end you get the flexibility you were used to, while leveraging the user security of the CCH Tagetik platform. From HR to Sales, to operating expenses our interactive self-service dashboard gives you real-time visibility into planning processes. CCH Tagetik configurable workflow engine gives Finance complete control from start to finish, deadlines, collaboration, workflow are all built-in. Speed up and streamline your processes by assigning members of your team to specific tasks and defining approval, rerooting and submission processes. Team members can keep on track with automatic reminders, from strategic to financial to operational plans all in a single solution CCH Tagetik provides an integrated approach to planning.

Play what-ifs and see how a change in performance can impact the bottom line with the flexibility to changeany assumption and automatically view the impact on your P&L, balance sheet and cash flow statements.

From strategic plans down detailed annual budgets, we provide the flexibility to play on your way, in corporate comments as well as prior years data for reference with drill through capabilities to transactional level details.

Choose any planning methodology: from bottom up monthly inputs to driver base top down adjustments, leveraging built-in spreading methodologies to hit favorable KPIs.

Planners can use unlimited dimensions to model at granular level, such as by trip and expense line item, and use drivers based on global assumptions or any financial or operational driver unique to your business. CCH Tagetik offers reporting options from operational reports with actionable KPIs to interactive dashboards to typical financial statements. Leverage CCH Tagetik built-in financial intelligence and functionality to take advantage of currency translation rules, advanced analytics and visualizations,dynamic drill downs, ad-hoc pivoting and more.

Take a look at how varying billing rules and credit terms can impact your balance sheet and cash flow statements.

Integration with MS word and PowerPoint takes care of the last mile of reporting.

Users can collaborate on the financial statements, budget and board books with dynamic objects for financial and operational data, visualizations and supporting narrative. Plan smarter, manage better, act faster, CCH Tagetik Budgeting and Planning allows you to enter the next evolution in planning and drive change, by aligning finance and operations to make it easy to plan more often and in more depth to get deeper insights,anticipate change and better predict the future.

To learn more contact us today or go to our website to hear what our customers accomplish with CCH Tagetik.
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