Finance19 December, 2018

Bizerba automates their financial consolidation speeding up their year end closing with CCH Tagetik!

Listen to how Bizerba overcomes the burden of collecting data from 45 legal entities fostering the automation and customization of CCH Tagetik solution.
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Bizerba is a company that's located in Balingen so we do have 45 legal-entities and of course we do have to fulfill all requirements regarding legal consolidation but also statutory regulation because we do have a leasing company and therefore we have to fulfill more than one consolidation aspectand from an internal perspective we have also the necessity to deliver the management reporting as well.

We have to collect these things across theentire company and we deliver this information to the legal department, to the finance & controlling department, and each department does its own reporting and that struggled a lot because all at one time at the annual closing we do have to riconcileall this kind of information and of course it was a burden and a mess to do, it's quite hard when you don't have a system that supports all aspects.We're looking for a software solution that could support us and the necessities we have to fulfill and due to the software selection processes we got in touch with CCH Tagetik and last but not least CCH Tagetik was our choice and we took the right decision, the software is the right one for us.

It's very nice and helpful that we have a visibility regarding processes and workflows, that's one of thestrongest point for the end-users and from the headquarter perspective where we have to maintain the software for example,it exceeds all the technical aspects have been implemented in CCH Tagetik: on an one hand side, we can customize the softwareto the way we would like to have, and the strongest item is that we can do all of these activities within the finance team, so we don't need any IT departmentto ask them ‘Could you just add some codings to the software?’ or something like that, because all the customization is done via parameters and that's one of the biggestbenefits, we can work by our own, using our system.

It was the right choice for us, for Bizerba, and yes I would recommend it to someone else as well.
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