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Tax & Accounting10 July, 2020

Making the change and succeeding

As the accounting industry evolves with the rapidly changing times, your practice will have to deal with internal and external pressure to transform in both big and small ways.

Whether you are implementing a change to processes in your practice or changing your software, your change programme requires clear planning, communication and consideration of the impact on your employees.

In this article, Wolters Kluwer will help you navigate your change programme, giving you the tools to take the plunge.

This article will guide you through what you need to do to succeed, including:

  • providing a communications strategy
  • considering your company culture and employees
  • avoiding common factors that lead to change failure
  • navigating an IT change

This is a must-read article for any practice looking at implementing any kind of change programme as they face the challenges of today’s digital world.

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