OneSumX Integrated Risk and Reporting for Pillar 2
Delivers liquidity stress testing, multiyear ad-hoc projections of risk, income/expense, liquidity, profitability and capital adequacy with shared micro-and macro-economic assumptions, growth assumptions and stresses, to support many facets of Pillar 2, including projections and stresses of expected operational losses for input into the Pillar 2A calculations.
What can we do for your business?
Through the combination of long-term vision, in-depth expertise and award-winning technology, we will help you:
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Achieve compliance with PRA110
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Overcome challenges around increased costs and inefficiency due to data duplication, inconsistent modeling of risks across Pillar 1 and 2 as well as manually intensive reconciliation between Pillar 1 and 2
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Drive a forward-looking view of the business
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Improve operational efficiency in liquidity risk reporting
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Benefit from a full data versioning and lineage

Achieve consistent outcomes across key risks

We provide a best-in-class risk management and reporting solution that helps firms improve operational efficiency. The solution also drives a more forward-looking plans to stress scenarios pre and post management actions.

Manage inherent regulatory reporting challenges

The reporting tools allow users to graphically display key risk metrics, compare outcomes across scenarios and deliver regulatory reporting templates for FSA071-082, PRA110

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Best-in-class Solution

Our solution is the best-in-class risk management and reporting solution which helps firms improve operational efficiency and drive more forward-looking view of the business required by regulators by maintaining a link between a firm's risk profile, risk management, risk mitigation systems and its capital and liquidity planning.

The solution complements OneSumX for Regulatory Reporting and OneSumX for Risk Management, bringing the suite together in a focused manner, allowing clients to meet the key quantitative requirements of PRA's Pillar 2 framework.

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