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The LegalVIEW® Predictive Insights Module ranks the best law firms for litigated matters using predictive budget and cycle time data mixed with client-weighted criteria through the power of AI, all from within the firm selection workflow.
Assign the right case to the right firm at the right cost

Combine your firm performance data with rate benchmarking from our LegalVIEW database. Our Law Firm Smart Select functionality shows you all you need to know at the point of counsel selection.

  • Predictive budget and cycle times
  • Firm rank, performance, and rates
  • Budget adherence
  • Diversity and expertise
  • Capacity
  • Industry benchmark rates
  • Location
Artificial intelligence ranks the best law firms for litigated matters
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Predictive budgeting

Provides expected minimum, maximum, and median values for a specific matter’s budget

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Predictive cycle time

Displays forecasted data on how long a matter should take to resolve

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Law firm ranking

Ranks the available law firms using predictive data mixed with weighted criteria

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