Forecast and process legal spend, manage outside counsel, and measure firm performance and claims outcomes


Deliver significant cost control and streamline how claims adjusters work

Automated workflows streamline the tedious review of invoices and other financial data while e-billing eliminates the hassles and overhead of paper invoices.


Gain visibility into legal spend and make more proactive and strategic decisions

Advanced business intelligence for actionable analytics and reporting tools for detailed analysis of spend to identify opportunities for cost savings and improved value from outside counsel


Improve collaboration with internal business partners and outside counsel

Visually rich reports enable effective communication and set expectations internally with regard to budgets.


Work with your current processes and claims management systems

Seamless integration with your claims management systems, sharing data with your “single source of truth”


Advanced technology built to solve claims litigation-specific problems

Artificial intelligence, predictive analytics, and daily-used workflows designed to bring the best technology to bear on litigated claims management

Master your legal spend with total spend management
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Take back control of your legal spend

Our innovative total spend management approach combines artificial intelligence and legal experts to help you save up to 10% in legal spend and 20% improvement in billing compliance.

Why total spend management is perfect for claims litigation programs

Right-sized solutions

We take a consultative approach with your business, understanding your needs and finding a solution that fits your litigation management program.

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