Tax & AccountingJune 09, 2020

Advising Australian StartUps – The Opportunity and the Risks

When the next big thing enters your practice, how are you going to make sure of their success and tag along for the exciting ride?

The Australian Startup Ecosystem is growing and changing rapidly but is limited by the quality of advice and help provided to those with a seed of an idea. When an inventor starts on the journey of commercialisation there is a huge opportunity to add immense value very quickly because they have so much to learn. By pointing them in the right direction to get the best, pragmatic advice you will help them to either fail fast (saving their cash for idea 2) or improve their idea increasing the prospects of success. There is never a guarantee of success, however by the strategic reduction of risk you can show how the chance can be greatly increased.

By attending this webinar you’ll get a broad overview of the Australian Ecosystem and an introduction to the role each part plays from proving an idea to funding by following a real case.

During this webinar we’ll cut through the jargon and (amongst other things) you’ll gain an overview of:

  • how to advise clients who think they want to quit their job;
  • what traits successful entrepreneurs have;
  • an overview of the startup process;
  • when an incubator, accelerator, shared workspace makes sense;
  • simple ways to protect intellectual property;
  • how to express the importance of customer discovery; and
  • when to approach government, Business Angels and Venture Capital for cash.

We’ll review some examples of real entrepreneurs and the back-story to their success including some who fail their first idea fast allowing them time and cash to pursue idea two. Post event you’ll receive a summary document suitable for provision to new clients after you’ve added your logo.

Webinar Learning Outcomes:

  • New ways to answer the most common questions from prospective clients.
  • The basic pathway for the optimum startup.
  • Questions to deepen and create a lasting open client relationship.
  • What and who to recommend as the next step.

Suited to:

  • Anyone who has a new client facing role.
  • Anyone who is tasked with “arbitraging” new clients.

Presenter Bio:

Brian Dorricott, is the Director of Meteorical Pty Ltd. He is also a serial founder and entrepreneur, trained as an Electronic Engineer at Imperial College, UK. After leaving Philips and Logica he founded and was CEO of Gordano Ltd from 1994 through to an MBO netting a 200x return on investment. Gordano’s messaging software was used by 13,200 companies including the US Army, IBM and Telstra. Brian’s second company was developed software to match a gap in Cisco’s portfolio and was sold to them 25 months later for $6M yielding a 50x return on investment. Subsequently he ran an angel network reviewing 235 companies, presenting 23 to Business Angels and resulting in $11M investment for 11 companies, $2M from local Angels. He worked as one of two Entrepreneurs in Residence at SETSquared, the world’s top university incubator.

In Australia, Brian has taken over 50 teams through Australia’s national science and technology accelerator run by CSIRO some of which have now been spun out and are creating revenue. Brian is an Entrepreneur Operating System (EOS) Implementor. EOS is a complete set of simple, time proven concepts and practical tools that has helped thousands of entrepreneurs get what they want from their businesses. By mastering EOS, leadership teams of over 28,000 growth-oriented companies have systematically and permanently improved.

You will be provided with:

  • PowerPoint Presentation slide deck
  • Any Supporting Documentation
  • Webinar Recording to view multiple times for up to 6 months
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