LegalOctober 21, 2019

Adding “Compliance” to our Business Law practice area

Wolters Kluwer today announced we have expanded the Business Law module to include more practical information about compliance, including precedents, examples, checklists, flowcharts and diagrams. The new practice area has been re-named to “Compliance and Business Law”.

What’s new:

Who will this impact:

  • Businesses (and their directors and managers) face ever-growing legal obligations and penalties, as well as regulators who are increasingly focused on governance, risk management and compliance. Effective compliance systems are crucial to help minimise the serious consequences of breaking the law (e.g. losses of licences, compensation, penalties, jail), and to establish a defence.
  • Specifically, the following roles including risk managers, compliance officers, directors, managers, legal advisers and auditors will find this newly available content useful in CCH Pinpoint.

Visit our website to explore all our new Compliance content now available in CCH Pinpoint®.

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