A trainee subscription provides individual residents, fellows, and students with personal, unlimited access to either UpToDate or UpToDate Lexidrug

Whether you're treating patients at the point of care or studying for an exam, you can access the resources trusted by health professionals worldwide. UpToDate® and UpToDate® Lexidrug™ (formerly Lexicomp®) can help answer your complex clinical and drug-related questions while inspiring confidence in your work. 

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UpToDate helps you make confident diagnosis and treatment decisions

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The UpToDate for Anki add-on helps students prepare to take medical exams around the world 
With UpToDate integrated in Anki, the power of the world’s most used, most trusted evidence-based resource is just a click away. Access information from the world’s leading experts in their field to supplement your learning. Learn more about a condition. Dive deeper into a topic. Get nuance you won’t find elsewhere that reflects how modern medicine is practiced at the bedside. 

As a trainee, your days are likely unpredictable. Our solutions are designed to support your role’s unique challenges and connect you to the information you’re seeking, in any setting. Get access to the same content and features as an UpToDate or Lexidrug professional subscription at our special low rates with proof of trainee status.

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