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With medical and drug knowledge expanding every day, how can healthcare professionals, clinicians, and patients feel confident they are making decisions based on the most current information available?

For over 30 years, clinicians around the world have relied on the evidence-based clinical content in UpToDate® to make the best possible decisions for their patients – even when the evidence isn’t clear. At the heart of the content across the UpToDate suite of solutions and the Medi-Span® drug data solutions is over 7,400 expert clinical authors and editors who are passionate about providing the latest information to support better patient outcomes across the entire healthcare ecosystem.

Expert care and drug recommendations from practicing clinicians

The editorial team continuously reviews the latest research and develops unified clinical and drug decision support content across 25 specialties to provide aligned, evidence-based recommendations within UpToDate clinical decision support and UpToDate® Lexidrug (formerly Lexicomp®) referential drug content. Health education materials are produced in engaging, patient-friendly formats from the same clinical expertise to provide aligned support, engage patients in their health journey, and enable adherence beyond the care setting.

With clinical and drug content from the UpToDate experts by your side, you can feel confident in your decision-making, knowing you have the latest and best available information and care recommendations.

UpToDate Editorial Process Overview
Drug Editorial Process Overview

UpToDate clinical content at a glance

Clinical and patient education topics

Graded recommendations

Unique drug entries

Expert clinical authors and editors

Transparency and independence at the heart of editorial process

Our rigorous editorial process is a key reason why over 2 million clinicians trust UpToDate for its evidence-based clinical information.

Expert authors, editors, and peer reviewers from around the world apply their deep domain expertise to critically evaluate the literature and best available evidence. The team produces original content that provides clear guidance, links to supporting literature, and graded recommendations for actionable clinical decisions. All authors and editors are listed on content and care recommendations along with their credentials for transparency.

Graphic of uptodate editorial process

Content in the UpToDate suite of solutions is updated as new evidence emerges. All users - from clinicians to pharmacists to patients - can be confident that the information they are relying on to make health decisions is always based on the best available evidence.

Have feedback? Our clinician subscribers are welcome to send it to the editors using the “Feedback” button on the right of every clinical topic page. It’s instrumental to improving content and is often included in final peer review.

“UpToDate behaves like a consultant, not like an encyclopedia. You’re asynchronously consulting with the experts who wrote the article.”

– Dr. David Fleece, CMIO, Temple University Health System, Philadelphia, PA, USA

Expert medication and drug decision content

As with medical evidence, drug evidence and development become more complex each day. The same rigorous, editorial process is used to provide the latest drug information and medication safety content in UpToDate® Lexidrug (formerly Lexicomp®) with a multidisciplinary team with advanced training and extensive clinical expertise, including pharmacists, clinicians, and leaders from all areas of healthcare. Drug monographs are developed in a clear, concise presentation for point-of-care use.

graphic of drug information editorial process

Drug content within Lexidrug and UpToDate is evidence-based, meticulously reviewed, and developed from primary sources the healthcare community relies on, including primary literature, product labeling, base pharmacology studies, and clinical trials.

Our proactive monitoring and drug updates include: 

  • Daily surveillance of industry activity and primary literature so the information reflects contemporary medical practices and promotes relevance and clarity of content
  • Ongoing review of pharmaceutical manufacturer announcements and publications to find information on new drug availability, new dosage forms, revisions to contraindications, warnings, drug interactions, labeling changes, and more.
  • Weekly research to update information pertaining to medication guides, Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategies (REMS), and US drug shortages.
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