The power of audit analytics integrated into your workflow: TeamMate Analytics is integrated to work directly with TeamMate+ Audit. This allows you to capture analytics evidence as part of the audit without separate systems that struggle to talk with each other.

Reduce risk

Current analytics practices often lean heavily on limited data sampling methods. The problem with sampling data is that the limited data sets have inherent risk of missing important, but hidden, outliers. Outliers that could indicate simple mistakes or fraud. By integrating data analytics into TeamMate+, your team can test against 100% of transactions and find those hidden risks.

Ready to go and accessible

Teammate Analytics has a library of more than 150 tests that you can run instantly against any data set without configuration or scripts.

TeamMate Analytics is built on top of the most widely used data tools in the world, Microsoft Excel. This allows you to integrate audit analytics into your team and workflows without the need to learn a cumbersome new tool or hire a data expert. Integrate powerful analytics in a format that anyone on your team can utilize.

A focus on innovation and the future

As a core value to Wolters Kluwer, TeamMate takes a customer-focused approach to product development for 25 years and counting. This customer focus is based on industry trends in information ecosystems, technology enablement, changing talent landscape, integrated risk, and audit disruption. Whether your department is looking into agile audit, continuous risk monitoring, or tomorrow’s next trend, TeamMate is leading audit evolution.

TeamMate's continued dedication to customer success has taken a huge leap forward with the TeamMate Audit Benchmark. Through this ongoing study, we are gathering deep insight into the challenges that are facing audit teams around the world and across all industries. Beyond that, TeamMate Audit Benchmark allows us to see where the internal audit profession is headed, project the challenges of the future, and use that insight to inform the development of solutions that truly address the needs of internal audit.

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