TeamMate+ on desktop, laptop, mobile, and tablet


Take a modern, adaptable approach to manage your audit program

In today’s rapidly changing technology environment, it’s important that solutions can adapt. TeamMate+ supports the standard browsers used in most organizations. Additionally, in this era of ‘Bring Your Own Device’ and a larger selection of laptop, tablet, and phone options, TeamMate+ is designed to work with any screen size by implementing a responsive layout that understands what device you are using and how to best display data to you. This flexibility is crucial as you, your team, and your colleagues work in remote settings.

The right fit

Configure to your methodology without customization

TeamMate+, with its extensive configurability, allows each audit department to establish and control their own terms, project milestones, workflow, individual views, and more. Based on our user-driven design, we’ve added more end-user configuration options such as customized workflows, custom perspectives (how you organize and view the data on your screen), user group management and assignments, and 100% configurable terminology.

Get to work

Intuitive user interface speeds implementation & adoption

Our product team is deeply dedicated to reducing interface complexity while retaining the full power of TeamMate®. This means a continual evaluation of engagement heat maps, the number of clicks for key operations, and customer research to verify and optimize an intuitive design that gets out of your way so you can do your work.

Less time spent learning how to use software allows more time to discover and provide valuable audit insights. This also allows you to get new hires up-to-speed and auditing in short order. 

Embedded expertise

As a core value to Wolters Kluwer, TeamMate takes a customer-focused approach to product development for 25 years and counting. This customer focus is based on industry trends in information ecosystems, technology enablement, changing talent landscape, integrated risk, and audit disruption. Whether your department is looking into agile audit, continuous risk monitoring, or tomorrow’s next trend, TeamMate is leading audit evolution.

TeamMate's continued dedication to customer success has taken a huge leap forward with the TeamMate Audit Benchmark. Through this ongoing study, we are gathering deep insight into the challenges that are facing audit teams around the world and across all industries. Beyond that, TeamMate Audit Benchmark allows us to see where the internal audit profession is headed, project the challenges of the future, and use that insight to inform the development of solutions that truly address the needs of internal audit.

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