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vSim supports nursing students with first-ever, advanced medical-surgical/critical care virtual training

vSim Virtual Patient
New vSim for Nursing provides true-to-life, high acuity clinical training across diverse patient populations for practice-ready students

To prepare the next generation of nurses for the challenges of real-world practice and help address a lack of simulation content for advanced medical-surgical and critical care scenarios, Wolters Kluwer, Health and Laerdal Medical launched vSim® for Nursing Advanced Medical-Surgical/Critical Care. The latest course area from the vSim for Nursing solution offers a comprehensive, immersive experience that challenges students to think through complex scenarios they may not fully experience in clinical rotations, then take the appropriate action.

Co-developed by Laerdal Medical and Wolters Kluwer, vSim for Nursing provides realistic, evidence-based scenarios written by the National League for Nursing, with built-in point-of-care solutions for reference and remediation.

Delivering needed exposure to complex clinical cases

The vSim for Nursing Advanced Medical-Surgical/Critical Care course offers students needed exposure to a wide array of populations, themes, and environments, such as the representation of nonbinary patients. Students experience caring for patients with comorbidities, including obesity and a secondary COVID-19 diagnosis. Students also learn about transmission-based safety precautions through an interactive mini-game. By focusing on challenging cases, the new course depicts complex clinical situations in a safe, highly realistic clinical environment and empowers nursing students to hone their clinical judgment skills.

vSim Virtual Patient

Tools for training the future of med-surg nursing

“It is imperative that our future nurses are prepared to deliver high quality, evidence-based care to patients from all backgrounds with varying clinical needs,” said Julie Stegman, Vice President of the Nursing Segment of the Health Learning, Research & Practice segment at Wolters Kluwer. “This expert solution meets a pressing need for practical experience managing diverse and high acuity patients, building skills instrumental to the delivery of equitable, patient-centered care over the long-term.”

Immersive education that builds readiness

“vSim for Nursing offers the most advanced, trusted learning experience for nursing students and educators alike,” said Cansu Akarsu, Vice President of Healthcare Education at Laerdal Medical. “At a time when hands-on, critical care training is increasingly hard to offer, this high-fidelity course answers the call for truly immersive education that leads to readiness to care for diverse patients.”

vSim for Nursing Advanced Medical-Surgical/Critical Care is available as a standalone product, or integrated as part of Lippincott CoursePoint+, giving students the necessary tools to become clinically competent nurses. Nurse educators also can remotely assign, monitor and track students’ skill levels and progress, staying closely involved in competency development.

Wolters Kluwer and Laerdal will be presenting “Building Clinical Judgment with the Next Generation vSim for Nursing” at the International Nursing Association for Clinical Simulation and Learning’s INACSL22 conference on Thursday, June 16 at 12:15pm CT in the INACSL Solution Theater.

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