Frost & Sullivan awards and recognition

Healthcare leaders and teams need advanced clinical solutions that empower better decision support, save clinician time and efforts, and improve patient outcomes. Expert solutions from Wolters Kluwer have been recognized by Frost & Sullivan for technological innovation, skilled clinical editorial teams, advanced clinical surveillance and interventions, and pairing artificial intelligence (AI) with evidence-based medicine to target complex healthcare challenges.

Wolters Kluwer recognized as an “Innovation & Growth Leader” in clinical decision support systems

Wolters Kluwer Health was recently recognized as a top innovator in clinical decision support systems by Frost & Sullivan for use of generative AI & expansion into new markets. A review of 20 vendors ranked Wolters Kluwer Health’s portfolio number two, which includes UpToDate®, as a leader in both innovation and growth among CDSS providers helping clinicians make the best medical care decisions.

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Top 20 AI Innovation leader
Frost & Sullivan ranked Wolters Kluwer in the top 20 for continuous innovation and growth focusing on areas where AI solutions are most relevant for hospitals, physicians, and health plans.

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2021 N.A. Company of the Year for clinical decision support
Frost & Sullivan recognized clinical decision support solutions as key enablers of informed decision-making at the point of care. Harmonized content between four solutions – and integrated into Sentri7 Clinical Surveillance - support aligned care team decisions, standardize care, and improve outcomes.

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2021 New product innovation award

Recognized for its state-of-the-art suite of clinical surveillance solutions, Frost & Sullivan awarded a New Product Innovation Award to Sentri7 Clinical Surveillance. The AI-enabled technology and evidence-based algorithms contribute to “vastly improved patient outcomes and measurable reductions in the cost of care”.

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