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CCH ProSystem fx Knowledge Connect - IT Consulting

Online or In-person

CCH KnowledgeConnect IT Consulting is designed to ensure a smooth implementation of the CCH KnowledgeConnect software. Your IT Consultant will install the software, configure applicable integration points and review the setup and maintenance of this product with you. These sessions are specifically designed for customers that are implementing the On-Premise version CCH KnowledgeConnect.

Type: Single Client Training
Advanced Preparation: None
Prerequisites Required: Yes
Prerequisites: Working knowledge of general IT topics (e.g., networking and server operating systems)


  • Review the hardware, software and network requirements
  • Install the CCH KnowledgeConnect software
  • Configure the applicable integration points
  • Review the setup and maintenance of the CCH KnowledgeConnect software
CCH ProSystem fx Knowledge Connect - IT Consulting
Online or In-person
CPE Credits: N/A
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