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CCH Axcess Portal - End User Training (Integrated)

Online or In-person

End User Training is designed to ensure that all staff members understand the key components of Portal and how it fully integrates with Document. The focus of this session is on the end user’s perspective; it does not cover administrative topics in detail. This course provides introductory training on CCH Axcess™ Portal (Portal). Portal is a quick and secure file exchange application that integrates seamlessly with CCH Axcess™ Document (Document). This course will cover basic functions and features for using portal in the accounting firm environment.

Type: Single Client Training
Advanced Preparation: None
Prerequisites Required: None
Field of study: Computer Software & Applications
Program/Course Level: Basic


  • Understand how Portal integrates with Document
  • Publish files to Portal from Document. And unpublish them from Portal
  • Approve files into Document that were uploaded to Portal by the client
  • Understand the client’s perspective of Portal
CCH Axcess Portal - End User Training (Integrated)
Online or In-person
CPE Credits: 1
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