Tackle audits, track revenue, and command workflow like never before 

If you’re in a financial management role in a government, institutional, or nonprofit setting, you already know the pressure of having to accomplish more and more tasks with the same – or, even worse, fewer – resources.

What you might not know (yet) is that Wolters Kluwer’s solutions are designed to help you alleviate that pressure by giving you the capabilities to stretch the most out of every minute. With Wolters Kluwer’s solutions at your side, you’ll be primed to standardize your workflow, enhance transparency, and gain visibility with ease. Prepare confidently for whatever assignment – fund trial balance management, internal report, audit, CAFR (Comprehensive Annual Financial Report), etc. – is tasking your team the most.

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Five simple steps to get a better handle on corporate tax and accounting

Position your team to deliver on your highest tax and accounting expectations

Step 1:
Fully automate tax by organizing and managing data like never before   
Step 2: Complete your tax automation with high-impact solutions for accounting and audit
Step 3: Improve workflow in your entire tax team 
Step 4: Relieve stress on your team and turn attention to strategic tasks
Step 5: Enroll in CCH® Learning and Development Academy to gain CPE credits and maximize ongoing efficiency

Accounting & Audit Solutions for Government and Nonprofits Institutions

Take your efficiency to new peaks – without all the valleys in between

  • CCH® Axcess™ Tax
  • CCH® ProSystem fx® Engagement
  • CCH® ProSystem fx® Fixed Assets
  • CCH® ProSystem fx® Knowledge Coach
  • CCH® Accounting Research Manager®
  • CCH® Axcess™ AutoCheck

CCH® Axcess™ Tax

Axcess Tax is the profession’s first modular, cloud-based tax preparation and compliance solution. CCH Axcess Tax enables you to leverage advanced technologies and robust integration points to elevate your team’s digital workflow processes. If you’re familiar with Microsoft® Office applications, you’ll master CCH Axcess Tax in no time. Its enhanced Return Manager allows you to customize the information displayed based on what you need to see, and quick filters allow you to arrange documents (including 990s forms) in your preferred order. Its fully integrated preparer notes system allows users to create and respond to an array of note types, which you can assign and review with a single click. 



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Workflow Solutions for Government and Nonprofit Institution

Organize, track, manage, and leverage data throughout your team with new ease

  • CCH® ProSystem fx® PDFlyer
  • CCH® Axcess™ Workflow
  • CCH® Axcess™ Workstream
  • CCH® Axcess™ Document

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