Accelerate Innovation, Improve Efficiency and Enhance Overall Client Service

Build a more modern experience for your clients and staff.’s API (known as ftwLink) enables retirement plan service providers and third-party software vendors to create bi-directional integrations and automation that connect with data.

  • Automate many of the most time-consuming tasks in retirement plan administration workflows.
  • Import FTW data into internal systems and other software programs (such as Salesforce or PensionPro) to eliminate duplicate data entry and automate manual processes. 
  • Streamline workflows so that your data can be effortlessly shared between all modules - Document, 5500, Compliance and Portal to your in-house systems - Salesforce, enterprise resource planning (ERP) software and other programs and vice versa.
  • Move data seamlessly from the source and between all applications. 

The ftwLink API gives firms more opportunities to leverage the valuable data within their system for more productive workflows throughout the firm.

Our Professional Services team regularly contracts with retirement service providers to develop custom solutions for their firms using the API.  The API interface can be added on to any existing account with   To add ftwLink on to your account or to learn more about our custom integration services contact [email protected] or your ftw sales consultant.

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