We deliver expert guidance when and where clinicians need it most. Eliminating care variation is central to ensuring patients receive the safest, highest quality of care. It’s also a key component of reducing the overall cost of care. 

SoleSource Applications Save Time and Drive Consistency to Reduce Care Variability

Your hospital has protocols in place for most scenarios, from how to compound medications to medication use policies for prescribing and protocols for delivering consistent sepsis treatment. Enforcing those standards in your facility or in a multi-facility system depends on the speedy delivery of expert guidance that informs the right care at the right time at the right cost. More healthcare facilities are turning to intuitive, web-based clinical surveillance and compliance applications that provide robust expert content to support the deployment of evidence-based clinical practices, policies and procedures.  

Key components of a successful program include: 

  • Evidence-based guidance and best practices that are continually updated to reflect the latest recommendations.

  • Real-time identification of opportunities via highly intuitive alerts that teams trust resulting in faster and more consistent care.

  • Guidance delivered into clinical workflows improves adherence to hospital policies and procedures.  

  • Data enrichment understand variations in patient information needed for analyses that yield deeper insights.

  • Turnkey, on-demand training to ensure staff is equipped to optimize your programs by drawing on all required competencies or evidence-based guidance.

  • Dedicated program dashboard and analytics that identify gaps and successes in carrying out your policies and protocols.

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