Manage every drug on every cart, every time—with less pharmacy effort

Simplifi+ MedTrays helps hospital pharmacies standardize cart and tray medication management throughout the hospital or system by removing manual processes and automating the tracking and inventory. By automating this process, customers find it easier to find recall drugs, optimize the use of short-dated drugs, and successfully navigate drug shortages.

Simplifi+ MedTrays benefits

Wolters Kluwer's expert support team behind Simplifi+ MedTrays will help you ensure patient safety and regulatory compliance with accreditation standards.

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Customer eliminates medication tray binders to save time

Meet Brad Steinbach, PharmD, the pharmacy operations manager from Hancock Regional Hospital, a 78-bed full-service hospital located in Greenfield, Indiana. In this recording, Brad talks about how the pharmacy at the main hospital plays a pivotal role in procuring and supplying medications to 20 locations and maintains 40 medication trays consistently.

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In this 3-minute on-demand video, you will see how Simplifi+ MedTrays helps pharmacy teams save valuable time monitoring and restocking medication carts no matter where they are in the facility to ensure compliance with regulators and accrediting bodies. 

Enhancing traceability medication tray management
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Manage every drug on every cart, every time with less pharmacy effort

"Medication tray management is a tedious but necessary part of any hospital pharmacy workflow. Simplifi+ MedTrays eases the burden by reducing paper tracking logs and adding medication safety checks and adds value to steps you're already taking by increasing visibility into the entire restocking process. Most importantly, rather than forcing you to search for expiring or recalled medications, Simplifi+ MedTrays delivers the data to you so your pharmacy team can create the most impact with less effort, every day."

~ Annie Lambert, PharmD, BCSCP, Clinical Program Manager for Compliance Solutions

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