Reducing unwarranted variations in care

Unwarranted clinical variation isn’t just hard to reduce — it’s also hard to identify. When health systems look to standardize care from team-to-team and site-to-site, inconsistencies may not always be apparent in the complexity of workflows, data, processes, and support tools.

As these challenges collide amid concerns of staff shortages and burnout, they underscore the need for a single source of truth, made more accessible and easy to implement throughout the care ecosystem. Health solutions that provide consolidated and evidence-based clinical information relieve teams from the time and burdens of identifying, comparing, and implementing standards and best practices for more equitable care delivery.

Empowered and informed staff are better prepared to provide quality and safe patient care and close the gaps that drive disparities and inequities across patient populations. With tried and trusted technologies that don’t just standardize care — but also root out variations that might otherwise go unnoticed — we’re committed to helping health systems deliver the best care everywhere.

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