Wolters Kluwer welcomes contributions from its readers such as practitioner commentary, trend analyses, white papers, law firm news, and other submissions. Below are guidelines for submitting (or proposing) guest articles and other material to be considered for publication in the appropriate Wolters Kluwer Daily product.

Types of submissions

Material of greatest interest includes the following:

  1. Guest articles consisting of practical commentary, trend analyses, checklists, best practices, case studies, top-10 lists, years-in-review, statistical analyses, flowcharts, and other actionable information for lawyers in any practice area listed below.
  2. White papers and client memos, provided they offer practical insights as opposed to straight reporting of factual events, and are relevant to one of the practice areas listed below.
  3. Law firm news, e.g. press releases about noteworthy firm mergers, movement of partners between firms, the opening of new offices, etc.

Style and format

Guest articles should contain authoritative analysis and practical guidance concerning a timely issue in one of the affected practice areas. The article should be 500 to 5,000 words in length (shorter in the case of law firm news — 100 to 200 words). It should be clearly written, citing authority as needed according to blue book style. Supporting material such as checklists, diagrams, sample documents and appendices are welcome. We may opt (with the author’s permission) to truncate longer pieces into a version that is more suitable for consumption on a mobile device, but with a link to the full article.

Other requirements

Guest articles must adhere to the following additional requirements:

  • The author’s analysis, views and expressions must be original. The article cannot include material that was published in another work without the author’s permission or that is otherwise subject to copyright of a third party.
  • The article cannot have been previously published, except on the law firm’s website or newsletter. Once published by Wolters Kluwer, an article cannot be republished in another news outlet for 10 days.
  • The article must offer original analysis rather than summaries of factual events, cases, legislation, regulations, etc.
  • If the article covers any ongoing litigation or dispute in which your firm is directly or indirectly involved, disclose your firm’s involvement at the end of the article.
  • The article must include each author’s name, title, office and firm.
  • We reserve the right to edit the article for spelling, grammar and punctuation in keeping with Wolters Kluwer style.
  • Although the author retains copyright to his or her article, Wolters Kluwer reserves the right to republish parts or all of an article indefinitely without any royalty payments

Process for submissions

Please use the form to submit any articles or article ideas for consideration.

If the submission is of interest, a Wolters Kluwer editor will contact the prospective author to discuss the article further. If accepted for publication, the piece will include full attribution to the author and firm, including a link to the author’s biographical information on the firm’s website.

Articles deemed suitable for more than one publication may, with the author’s permission, be adapted to appear in a second product. In addition, articles may be leveraged for publication in non-daily products or other channels, e.g., a monthly journal, a marketing website for the daily products, or a Wolters Kluwer website that aggregates news—again, with the author’s permission.

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