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Risk & compliance

Monitor (safety management) systems and ensure compliance with standards, e.g: OSHA.

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Process- and personal safety

Identify and manage operational, tactical and strategic risks across the enterprise.

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Learn from incidents

Learn from incidents and improve risk-based decision-making.

Some of our manufacturing clients

Settings 2 manufacturing Barrier based risk management in manufacturing

Without safety as a priority in manufacturing operations, organizations can be sure to experience events that delay getting their product finished and shipped to their customer.

In order to provide a safe work environment, it is necessary that there is a safety management system in place that shows if controls are really working as planned and that helps everyone to follow safety standards and improve safety across the enterprise.

Currently, customers in the below-mentioned sectors are using our software to gain these insights and see if they really are in control:

  • primary metal manufacturing
  • machinery manufacturing
  • computer and electronic product manufacturing
  • electrical equipment, appliance and component manufacturing
  • transportation equipment manufacturing

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Learn how other clients used our software products to improve safety across the enterprise.

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Some of our customer success stories

  • Testimonial
We focus on processes with inherent high risks and assess them thoroughly to gain a solid understanding of how well we are in control of these risks, based on facts and figures. BowTieXP is of great help here. BowTieXP makes it easy to create bowties and to discuss and adjust the outcome with our line managers and operators, due to the way it visualizes the assessments. The feature to highlight failures or combine it with audit and test results also proves to be very helpful here. When we have a serious accident, we use IncidentXP to find out what went wrong and what we overlooked in our bowties. All in all, it’s a well-integrated solution.
Norsk Hydro ASA
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Manufacturing Industry


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Some examples of bowtie in the manufacturing industry.

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