Wolters Kluwer understands that news may be pertinent to client matters, marketing and internal education. We are pleased to permit our subscribers to share articles from our Wolters Kluwer Daily publications. Sharing valuable news is important to your business for a multitude of reasons and Wolters Kluwer wants to make it easy for you to do just that. As such, we have clarified our permissions policy for our Dailies.

Dailies Permissions Policy

This policy applies to the following Wolters Kluwer Daily publications:

  • Wolters Kluwer Antitrust Law Daily
  • Wolters Kluwer Banking and Finance Law Daily
  • Wolters Kluwer Employment Law Daily
  • Wolters Kluwer Health Law Daily
  • Wolters Kluwer Health Reform WK-EDGE
  • Wolters Kluwer IP Law Daily
  • Wolters Kluwer Product Liability Law Daily
  • Wolters Kluwer Securities Regulation Daily
  • Wolters Kluwer Telecommunication Reports Daily

The Wolters Kluwer Legal & Regulatory division of CCH Incorporated is pleased to permit customers who subscribe to the above listed Wolters Kluwer Daily publications, during any time period in which customer maintains an active subscription to the publication, to distribute, without charge, article(s) appearing in that publication. When accessing one of our Dailies through VitalLaw, we provide you with functionality to share articles and issues. If forwarding emailed copies of our materials, we simply ask that our branding banner and the banner containing our copyright and other notices remain when the article(s)/issue is forwarded.

This policy was last updated April 11, 2019 and is subject to change. However, any change to this policy will only be effective upon any subsequent renewals of subscriptions in effect when the change was made.

If you have any questions, please contact your Wolters Kluwer account representative.

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