Whether you’re using one data source or twenty, CCH Tagetik financial reporting software integrates easily with existing systems to incorporate all of the information you need to produce your reports.

Our financial reporting solution adds unique workflow and collaboration capabilities with Microsoft Excel, Word and PowerPoint so you can connect the narrative to numbers across all your reports, including financial statements, board book, regulatory reporting and more.

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2 min Demo: Ad Hoc Reporting

Watch this video to learn how to investigate and analyze data on the fly from your workstation or mobile device. Get familiar with the intuitive drag and drop, slicing and dicing in memory capabilities of the the CCH Tagetik's Ad Hoc Reporting engine to easily and quickly get the answers you're looking for.

Customer quotes

  • Timex Group

  • Mersen
  • Leonardo
We’ve streamlined reporting immensely. Today, a single CCH Tagetik report can incorporate the data we previously presented in 30 different reports. A product or business change is made once and is automatically reflected everywhere.
Shelly Krpata
With CCH Tagetik, consolidation and management reporting are now at the core of our group’s financial management, thanks to the software’s greater flexibility and the improved response time it allows our teams.
Thierry de Taeye
We wanted a solution that could accelerate and simplify our management reporting processes. With CCH Tagetik our finance department can work more effectively to ensure consistent, reliable data and faster monthly reporting cycles.
Valentina D’Addario
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