Making the Diagnosis in Orthopaedics

Mark D. Miller MD, Ian J. Dempsey MD

This text combines physical diagnostic techniques with related radiographic imaging to help you address a variety of injuries and disorders in adults and children. The eBook contains a video library of 75 step-by-step demos of the latest, most effective diagnostic physical exam techniques. Watch a short video on the Anterior Drawer and Lachman Tests for ACL Insufficiency.

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Master Techniques in Orthopaedic Surgery: Relevant Surgical Exposures

Bernard F. Morrey MD

Part of the highly regarded Master Techniques in Orthopaedic Surgery series, this text is a concise reference designed to assist you in a crucial task: choosing and executing the exposure necessary for a given procedure.

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Operative Techniques in Orthopaedic Surgery

Sam W. Wiesel MD

Lavishly illustrated, comprehensive in scope, and easy to use, the second edition guides you to mastery of every surgical procedure you’re likely to perform—while also providing a thorough understanding of how to select the best procedure, how to avoid complications, and what outcomes to expect.

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Atlas of Essential Orthopaedic Procedures

Alexis Chiang Colvin M.D., Evan Flatow M.D.

Covering more than 100 fundamental orthopaedic techniques, Atlas of Essential Orthopaedic Procedures, Second Edition, a title from the AAOS, offers a step-by-step guide to the wide variety of conditions you’re most likely to see in practice. The easy-to-follow format begins with patient selection, walks you through a detailed, step-by-step description of the procedure, and concludes with the author’s surgical pearls—all heavily illustrated with radiographs, intraoperative photographs, and line drawings for optimal visualization of the procedure.

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Orthopaedic Knowledge Update 13: Print and SAE Package

Javad Parvizi M.D.

Assess your current knowledge, identify learning needs, and enhance your performance in practice! Published in partnership with the AAOS, the OKU 13 + OKU 13 Scored and Recorded Self-Assessment Examination (SAE) package is a complete, hands-on educational experience that helps you integrate the latest research and treatment principles into daily practice.

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Orthopaedic Knowledge Update 13

Javad Parvizi M.D.

Published in partnership with the AAOS, OKU 13 brings you a comprehensive synthesis of the latest clinical thinking and best practices across all orthopaedic specialty areas.

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Instructional Course Lectures, Volume 69

Jay R. Lieberman M.D., Harpal S. Khanuja M.D.

Lead innovation and update the standard of care in your OR with new techniques and proven practical approaches as presented at the definitive orthopaedic educational event of 2019—the AAOS Annual Meeting.

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Postoperative Orthopaedic Rehabilitation

Andrew Green, Roman Hayda, Andrew Hecht

Postoperative Orthopaedic Rehabilitation, published in partnership with the AAOS, is the first clinical reference designed to achieve better outcomes and to empower orthopaedic surgeons and rehabilitation specialists by breaking down the traditional boundaries between these two phases of patient management.

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Orthopaedic Basic Science

Roy Aaron M.D.

This fifth edition, developed in a partnership between the AAOS and the Orthopaedic Research Society (ORS), is your concise and clinically relevant resource for the diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal diseases and conditions.

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AAOS Comprehensive Orthopaedic Review 3

Jay R. Lieberman M.D.

AAOS Comprehensive Orthopaedic Review, 3rd edition offers sweeping coverage of the core of orthopaedic knowledge that spans the spectrum of the orthopaedic specialties. This study set is designed to prepare orthopaedic residents for the Orthopaedic In Training Exam (OITE), and the American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery (ABOS) Board Certification examination.

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Orthopaedic Technology Innovation: A Step-by-Step Guide from Concept to Commercialization

Adam Eltorai PhD, Thomas A. Zdeblick MD, Arnold-Peter C. Weiss MD

Have an idea for a new tool or instrument? This review presents a clear process to identify, invent, and implement new technology solutions that aid in effective and safe practice in orthopedic surgery.

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Orthopaedic Neurology

J.D. Hoppenfeld MD, Stanley Hoppenfeld MD

The second edition provides thorough updates in medical illustration, teaching techniques, and new approaches to the diagnosis and treatment of patients with spinal cord injuries.

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