Financial institutions are subject to a multitude of laws and regulations that vary by jurisdiction. Understanding how to operate in compliance with both state and federal requirements involves manually sifting through a vast amount of data.

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OneSumX ProViso uses artificial intelligence, natural language processing, and subject matter experts to automatically analyze data so you don’t have to.

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By tagging, clustering, and rationalizing requirements, OneSumX ProViso provides you with a condensed, easily understandable and applicable set of laws and regulations that seamlessly integrate into your workflow.

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This solution employs innovative machine learning technology validated by our trusted compliance expertise to ensure the most important and effective data is at the forefront of your compliance management program.

OneSumX ProViso
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Using AI, natural language processing and subject matter experts, OneSumX ProViso streamlines the process for creating and managing a rationalized set of legal requirements.

OneSumX ProViso manages compliance within various jurisdictions

AI-Based Tagging
Easily find what applies to your business.

Actionable Workflow Tools
Integrate applicable regulations into your day-to-day processes.

View groupings of similar requirements and even create your own clusters.

Reduced Number of Requirements
Combine commonalities in laws across multiple jurisdictions to manage a reduced number of requirements.

Expert Analysis
Comparative state-to-state and federal-to-state analysis written by compliance experts.

OneSumX® ProViso
Reduce time spent by legal and compliance teams initiating, executing and maintaining a requirements management program.

OneSumX for Compliance Program Management

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