A compliance management system for tracking and monitoring complaints

The OneSumX for Complaint Management system guides the user through data entry to capture required complaint information, including attributes such as category, severity, priority, product/process name, customer information, preliminary findings, due dates, and more.
OneSumX for Complaint Management provides:
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The ability to enter complaints via an incident template formatted to your complaint data requirements.
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A complaint workflow, escalating to an appropriate resolution path including investigation, sign-off and reporting.
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The ability to categorize and set a resolution target date on each complaint.
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The ability to create ad hoc reports on all data gathered related to complaints including categorization and aging.
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The capability to tie all complaints directly to existing risks and/or controls in the compliance management system to inform future risk assessments.
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The capability to tie complaint management directly to audit tests in order to validate proper controls are being executed.
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