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Introducing the Enablon Vision Platform
Bringing together people, process, plant and environment
Learn more about how you can achieve an incident-free work environment, simplify environmental data collection, and harmonize your risk approach across your enterprise with the Enablon Vision Platform.

Over 20 years of field-proven software expertise and technical innovation excellence

The Vision Platform helps organizations align practice with value to support corporate and operational goals and meet stakeholder expectations, while remaining responsible, productive, and safe. The platform covers all key enterprise and operational risk processes to be a comprehensive enterprise integrity solution. Enablon is pushing the boundaries, helping major industry players achieve their full potential by breaking silos. Our Vision platform combines Risk & Compliance, Engineering & Operations and EHSQ & Sustainability into a fully integrated, single-screen solution.

Multi Device 4.0 Platform

At Enablon, we are world experts in software development. In over two decades, our unique framework has enabled us to create all our applications in a single, fully integrated, cohesive and user-friendly platform. What makes it different?

What makes our technology unique?

Hundreds of industry-leading enterprises and millions of users worldwide call Enablon their software. Our mission is to help users achieve their goals, make more informed decisions and drive operational excellence with the best technology possible. How?

Enterprise class

Our integrated approach provides a reliable and scalable platform with a consistent user experience. Recognized as best-in-class, it meets customer expectations for connected, enterprise-wide solutions in EHS, risk and sustainability. Maximizing product availability, the Enablon platform integrates seamlessly with other systems to ensure operations remain secure and compliant.

SaaS enabled

Through a centrally hosted infrastructure and code base, we provide seamless updates and transparent upgrades. Our SaaS offer ensures you benefit from the latest software versions, features and benefits. Our easy-to-operate platform also contains embedded analytics to help inform decision making, with increased automation reducing manual actions for improved efficiency and speed.

4.0 Ready

In line with industry expectations, the Enablon platform fully supports corporate-level systems and operations. Our API ready solutions help you integrate with third party technologies and automate the collection of data coming from IoT sensors, devices and drones. Our AI capabilities turn this data into insights, to help users achieve their goals, make informed decisions and drive their operational excellence.

Highly Configurable Framework

By using our application framework, you can configure our platform and products to suit your operational requirements. Both agile and robust, our framework enables total software configurability, which means you can tailor your reports, workflows and processes to achieve maximum efficiency, performance and productivity.

Secure & Compliant

Enablon is committed to best-in-class security and regulatory compliance across our entire range of products and markets. Therefore, we are engaged in a program of internal and external audits and certifications, locally and globally, to ensure our products are security-approved. As we are committed to operational excellence, we achieve a yearly SOC 2 Type 2 attestation. We also focus on data integrity and privacy, simplifying GDPR compliance through geographic segregation, process control, auditing and infrastructure security.

EHS and ORM Convergence

Having one platform interlinks and integrates corporate, operational, EHS, and ORM workflows. By unifying EHS and ORM elements, you can turn data into action by embedding intelligence into the workflow and sharing learnings in a timely manner. The Vision Platform enables great use cases like ‘On Time Prevention’, ‘Smart Investigations’ and ‘3600 Risk and Control Management’. Enablon invests in expanding these combined EHS-ORM use cases continuously.

Domains covered by our Vision Platform

  • EHS
  • Operational Excellence
  • ESG
  • GRC
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