Gone are the days of non-secure file sharing through email or courier. The secure handling of client documents and information is both a professional and legal obligation.


CCH Signatures helps redefine your customer experience – providing fast, secure and app-free access for your clients. One-click digital signing helps eliminate back-end bottlenecks.

Why CCH Signatures?

Simplify operations and processing

CCH Signatures also handles e-delivery and JIT print. This flexibility helps you simplify your operation, and your exception processing, while you keep your customers happy.

When you have to be right

In today's heavily regulated marketplace, we ensure our customers documents are managed in a secure and compliant manner. Your clients can be reassured that their personal information stays personal.

Keep the ball rolling anywhere, any time

Wolters Kluwer CCH Signatures is designed to be mobile-first which means there is no app to download. This makes it quick and easy to use for your clients. A signature can be executed in 20 seconds.

After receiving an email notification, clients will follow simple instructions that guide them through the signing process. As soon as the documents are signed you will be notified.

Execute with total confidence

Ensure fewer client errors. Configure templates with signature tags for common documents so you won’t have to manually do this for each document. CCH Signatures makes it 100% clear where the client needs to sign and date each document.

Safe and secure integration

CCH Signatures can be used as a standalone product and it is also integrated with the CCH iFirm Portal.

Clients can now sign authorised tax forms, engagement letters, or other type of documents with their existing access to CCH iFirm Portal as this feature is also now fully integrated between CCH iFirm Portal and CCH iFirm Tax. You can publish documents or forms that require your customer’s digital signature in a single click. To streamline your signature process, a built-in tag is integrated to the forms to indicate where the digital signature must be affixed.

Use CCH iFirm Portal to share documents and receive signatures from your clients within the same secure interface.

Key Features

  • Save documents within the contact, or within a specific job using CCH iFirm Jobs and Billing
  • Share critical documents through CCH iFirm Portal to your clients, creating a seamless experience for them and you
  • Use the search capability to quickly find documents and folders
  • Start managing the versioning of documents and recover from mistakes with previous versions
  • Control document access to read, edit, or delete with user permissions


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CCH iFirm Practice Manager allows the firm to prioritise and better manage the jobs at hand. The firm now has clear insights into capacity planning, the productivity levels of each member of the team and monitoring our efficiency levels is very easy with the customisable dashboard.
Tyler Wise
We are very bullish about cloud. It makes sense for us to have access for ourselves and not necessarily be tied to the office. When we’re out with clients we can access data, and we can all work from home when necessary. We already have clients in every state. Using cloud-based solutions enhance not only client retention, however using CCH iFirm gives us the ability to upsell a client on our other services, enabling us to do more value based work for them.
Brian Bramble
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