CCH iFirm Contacts within the CCH iFirm ecosystem puts your entire contact database in one easy-to-access, central location. When combined with other products in the CCH iFirm suite you have complete visibility across all work in progress, history, and communication details.

Smart profile customisation

You can assign clients, prospects, suppliers, or any other group, to different categories. By using categories as “flags” to trigger certain actions, you can fine tune your communication strategies with promotional content that is tailored for each group.

Accessible from device, anywhere

CCH iFirm’s Contacts is responsive to smart phones, tablets, and screens of all sizes. So whatever device or connectivity you have, you’re able to access the entire contact database, in a fast, reliable, and user-friendly way.

CCH iFirm has everything you need

With CCH iFirm, you get all the integrated, cloud-based solutions you need to simplify and automate the running of your practice. And you have all the tools and systems to support your clients. From compliance, all the way through to streamlined client communications. CCH iFirm has got you covered.
Better manage your practice and boost your productivity with CCH iFirm
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