Cloud-based, interactive anatomy teaching tool for undergraduates through medical school

Today’s students want intuitive, active learning solutions they can access wherever and whenever they want. Designed for any educational program with an anatomy component — medical, nursing, physical therapy, occupational therapy, or sports medicine — the BioDigital Human enhances student engagement, conveying complex concepts in lifelike, three-dimensional models they can manipulate. A powerful authoring toolkit and assessment builder, plus HTML-based links and easy LMS integration, helps instructors streamline and customize instruction and monitor progress.

Easy-to-use alternative or supplement to cadaver-based anatomy training

Bring human anatomy to life

  • Over 8,000 searchable, interactive 3D structures
  • 600+ 3D health condition, disease, and treatment models that are ready to integrate into any LMS to support faculty and course learning objectives across an institution
  • 500+ interactive 3D quiz questions that can be used as-is or modified by faculty and/or students to create assessments and study guides (subscription model only)
  • Comprehensive set of regional Guided Anatomy models for a foundational anatomy education

Cloud-based software is available in 8 languages: English, Spanish, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, and Portuguese

  • Fast access from any desktop, mobile, VR, or augmented reality device
  • Publishing tools that make content sharing and LMS integrations a snap
  • Automatic syncing across your devices

BioDigital XR

BioDigital XR builds on the success of BioDigital Human, creating a standardized, rich media 3D experience that extends beyond virtual and augmented reality for learning anywhere on any device. And now, the experience is enhanced by two new releases:

  • The new multiuser collaboration feature allows instructors and learners to interact in real time within the virtual environment
  • The gross anatomy lab enables collaboration on anatomical dissections without the cost and overhead associated with the use of real cadavers

Synchronize your library of content across BioDigital’s unique cloud platform so students can explore in VR and continue learning on their phone or computer when they take off the headset.

Virtual and augmented reality supports learning by:

  • Providing a safe to fail learning experience
  • Improving learning outcomes and increasing engagement
  • Making spatial relationships real for learners
  • Enhancing skill development
  • Complementing cadaver dissection by preparing students so they can make the most of their lab time
  • Comprehensive 3D Anatomy Models
  • Robust, Intuitive VR Experience
  • Spatial Visualization Tools
  • Audio Narration
  • Cloud Sync
Features 3D anatomy from the world’s largest library of immersive anatomy, disease, and treatment models, including complete male and female anatomy, regional and system anatomy 3D models.
Redesigned tools for the optimal experience include a body positioning mixer to rotate, scale and move 3D models as well as three modules that allow you to hide structures, peel away layers, and view labels.
Use of virtual hands to manipulate anatomical structures simulates the real-world experience, providing unprecedented engagement with a virtual body in 3D space.
Optional audio narration is ideal for learning Latin names for anatomy and enhances the experience for those who prefer auditory learning.
BioDigital XR keeps your account in sync with the BioDigital Human platform web and mobile platform, providing access to the BioDigital 3D library not only on your headset but on any device, anytime.

Watch a demo of BioDigital Human on Ovid

Watch a demo of BioDigital Human on Ovid
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Customize models to match your curriculum with Human Studio

  • Develop your own library of anatomical model views and models.
  • Build 3D assessments to monitor progress and remediate.
  • Embed custom 3D models in any presentation.
  • Students can make study guides and share with peers.

For students across the healthcare spectrum

  • Students in medical programs (MD and DO), nursing, exercise science, occupational therapy, physical therapy, and sports medicine
  • Graduate students in physical therapy, occupational therapy, nurse practitioner
  • Medical, MDs, DOs, and PAs
  • Any program with anatomy coursework or labs

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